Kevin and Jeaneane Lilly are truly great examples of devoted, dedicated, and committed McDonald Owner-Operators.  Kevin has just completed his 48th year in the business and Jeaneane has been an approved owner/operator for 23 years.  Both look at this business as a team effort.  Each is heavily involved in their 14 different communities where their restaurants are located.  Not only are they involved in marketing activities but also each is a leader on the local, regional, and national levels within the McDonald’s system.  Kevin travels extensively with the RMHC and Jeaneane has represented the GSW Region for W. O. N. and currently RHMC of Dallas. This involvement would not be possible if it were not for their development and commitment to an extensive number of great people.  A complete benefits program, as well as dedication to reward their efficient staff continues to allow them to offer their leadership skills to their fellow operators and communities.  Kevin and Jeaneane split organizational oversight, Kevin handles operations and construction and Jeaneane handles the administrative tasks including financial management as well as the supervision of our offices and community engagement. They have assembled a great leadership team, A Director of Operations, four supervisors, a very skilled RDM coordinator and Certified Trainer, a Local Store Marketing Supervisor, a Facilities Maintenance Director, an OTP 3 Certified Technology Technician, and an office manager. Truly, the organization continues to raise the bar in operational excellence and customer satisfaction. There is 100% focus on pleasing the customer in the communities they serve. In conclusion, the Lilly Organization continues to grow and challenge their staff to reach the next higher level. They continue to grow market share and support Vision 2020. 





      Terry Brown, our Director of Operations here at Kevin Lilly's McDonald’s, started his career at the age of 15 in Irving as a weekend maintenance employee and then started to work the drive through.
He left there and worked at many different companies before returning to work for McDonalds for his father-in-law in 1987, as an  Assistant Manager at the Gun Barrel store. After 2 years, he  was promoted to Store Manager and later worked as a Supervisor. His father-in-law then bought two to three more stores before retiring in 2000.
After his retirement, Mr. Terry went to work for Kevin and Jeaneane Lilly, still as a Manager of Gun Barrel from 1986-2000 before being promoted to Supervisor. Terry was awarded the Supervisor of the Year in 2008.
Now, he is the Director of Operations for Kevin and Jeaneane Lilly.  He has been the D.O. for almost two years now and enjoys every minute of it .
*Volunteer fireman for Payne Springs; enjoys fishing, baseball, and golf.




                In 2009 I began my career with Lilly Enterprises as OPC- Organizational People’s Champion. I was the first in our organization in this new position.  I had come from a previous career of Marketing.

               When I started we had 9 stores. My job was marketing, public relations, events, and working in the stores doing crew incentives, planning restaurant activities, and working with the General Managers.  I was involved with Athens Chamber of Commerce as an Ambassador, Kiwanis, and started our annual toy drives with KCKL, and also our McTeacher nights. 

In 2012 McDonalds began a new training system and new management reorganization called RDM-Restaurant Department Management System.  At that time my role in the company changed as training lead for our organization.  My career now consist of organizing training for all departments and new e-learning system, and working with the People Managers and General Manager on crew incentives.  I also assist Mr. Lilly on the national AMOA Board and am fortunate to be able to travel across the country and learn new things about McDonalds.  As a team member of Lilly Organization I am also involved with local events, Mcteacher nights, and new store openings.  We have grown to 18 stores. I love my McJob and can’t wait to see what the future hold for me and for this company.



          I started with Lilly Enterprises October 2013; I was hired as the Local Store Marketing Coordinator/Public relations.  I really had no clue what I was getting into, but from day one I knew it was a perfect fit for me!   Prior coming to work for Lilly Enterprises, I was a Medical Administrator for Vascular Surgeon in Frisco, Texas.

          At Lilly Enterprises I oversee School Fundraisers such as McTeacher’s night, McFamily Fun Night’s and donations.   I work closely with each General Manager and the Guest Service managers of each restaurant to execute events.  Since I have been a team member at Lilly Enterprises, I am involved with Kiwanis of Athens, Local Schools which are in 13 different communities.   I have learned there are so many kids that haven’t even been inside of a McDonald’s, so when they get a coupon to get a Happy Meal, the look on their face is priceless. That’s what I love about my job, it’s so rewarding.

(Operations Technology Person)



          Born in the middle of nowhere in Guanajuato, Mexico, Dimas meandered over to Tyler by the age of 4. At 16 he became a McDonald's crew person, grinding away in the grill, of which a supervisor once quipped, “I've never seen someone move so fast or make such a mess.” He was promoted to shift manager a couple of years later, then to Assistant Manager and eventually became the proud General Manager of a McDonald's in a Walmart store.

          A year into this position, Kevin Lilly came onto the scene after taking over three of the Tyler stores. It was here that he found his calling when Mr. Lilly offered him a position as an Operations Technology Person. It's a job for which he has a passion, which alleviates the occasional sleepless night and makes the days fly by.



(Operations Technology Person)



      Vernon started in Gun Barrel McDonald's February 10, 1997 as a Maintenance Man for eight months before being promoted to a Shift Manager. He was the Shift Manager under Mr. Terry Brown’s Father-in-law for about one year and then was promoted to Assistant Manager. He was an Assistant Manager for six months, and then was promoted again to Store Manager while still at the Gun Barrel McDonald's.
      In March of 2000, Kevin and Jeaneane bought the Gun Barrel store. About eight months later, he moved to Athens McDonald's as an Assistant Manager.  After about two to three weeks at Athens, he was promoted to General Manager. He was there until Feb 21, 2002, when he moved to Whitehouse as a Store Manager. He was in charge of Whitehouse until January 2005 where he was then promoted to Supervisor by Mr. Lilly.
        He’s was a Supervisor and has supervised every store except the Buffalo McDonald's and the Gun Barrel McDonald's owned and operated by the Lilly's. He now is the team lead over all facility Maintenance as well as an  OTP 3-technician