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Fundraiser Request


When it comes to fundraising for your school there are as many ways to earn money as there are students enrolled. Selling wrapping paper, cookie dough, and coupon booklets are tried-and-true options, but there is a fun and unique alternative that gets the teachers and school staff as involved as the students: Host a McTeacher’s Night at your local McDonald’s restaurant.


What is a McTeacher’s Night at McDonald’s?

A McTeacher’s Night is a fundraising event at a participating McDonald’s restaurant where teachers and school staff actually serve behind the counter. If you’ve ever witnessed what a thrill kid’s get out of seeing their teachers in roles outside the classroom, imaginehow much they will enjoy watching their teacher take orders, working in the drive thru and scooping up French fries! Invite friends and family to eat at your local McDonald’s restaurant during your scheduled event, and a generous 25% of sales generated during your event will go to your school.


Why Should I Hold a McTeacher’s Night at McDonald’s?

When you host a McTeacher’s Night, you set a positive example of good stewardship for the students of your school. Participating in a McTeacher’s a Night at McDonald’s means that teachers and school staff will be as involved in the fundraising process as the students are. When students see their teachers willing to pitch in and donate their time to help their school, they will naturally want to follow the example. Respect for their school and for the teachers and staff who care for it is the natural result. Hosting a McTeacher’s Night fundraiser is a stress-free choice for parents. McDonald’s is a brand name with which every family is familiar. It’s never hard to find a McDonald’s restaurant in your community. With healthier menu options being offered, your school’s supporters are sure to find an item they enjoy at a price they can afford.

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